Premium Bandai Japan Tamashii Web Exclusive Sailor Moon Sailor Moon (Moon Crystal Power) Figuarts ZERO Chouette Figure Statue

  • $89.99

Replicating her famous scenes from the iconic anime, "Sailor Moon", Sailor Moon joins the FiguartsZero Chouette series! Exquisite sculpting and precise color applications depicts Sailor Moon mid-transformation, capturing her charming and beautiful appearance. Translucent parts are used in the transformation ribbons adding a soft, feminine touch. Optional gold chains finished with delicate charms are included and can be attached. The moon and her lace is painted with subtle gradations for added realism.

Product size: Approx 9.8"
Package size: Approx 7.9x10.6x7.9 in

*This is a Tamashii Web Exclusive Item*