X-Plus Shin Godzilla Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla 4th Form (Ortho Ver.)

  • $299.95

Pre-Order, Release 4th Quarter 2024

The Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection, a series featuring soft vinyl models sculpted and produced by Sakai Yuji brings back “Godzilla (2016) 4th Form” in its Ortho version!

This figure is based on Sakai’s garage kit prototype, which was modeled after the Godzilla that appeared in the iconic overpass scene featured in the movie’s trailer and unveiled in 2017.

This “Ortho Version” has been painted completely in monochrome colors to commemorate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Shin Godzilla: Ortho, which was only available for a limited time in 2023.

Under the supervision of Mr. Sakai, the various transparent parts in each section have had their insides painted to give the entire body its impressive glowing look.

The illustration for this “Godzilla (2016) Ortho Version” was created by Sakai himself who made the trip to Onarigaya in Kamakura City, the filming location for the scene in the movie, took photos from the very same angles as seen in the movie and composited them together with the model to create the illustration.

Product Features

  • Approx. 16.93 inches (43cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Based on the Shin Godzilla movie
  • Designed by Yuji Sakai

Box Contents

  • Godzilla figure