Pre-Order Policy:

When I will be charged for my pre-order?

If you use credit card on our website for pre-orders, your credit card will be authorized for the full amount of the order. This is a temporary hold that will drop off within few days or the next billing cycle.

Due to pre-order release dates changing frequently, we won't actually charge the credit card that you use for your pre-order. Instead, we will email you a new invoice with the final balance when we have a confirmed arrival date for your pre-order item. Then you can use any payment method to pay off the final balance.

For Hot Toys figures, if you pre-order it from us after it has been released in Hong Kong, our stock should arrive soon, usually within few weeks and your credit card will be charged immediately to avoid delay and your Hot Toys pre-order will ship out as soon as we received them.

If you use Shop Pay Installments on our website, your installments will be processed within one business day.

If you use PAYPAL on our website, you will be charged for the full amount of the order within one business day. Many of our customers like this option because they know the order is paid for.

  • We will notify you when your pre-order item arrived and issue the final balance invoice.
  • Collector-grade stock! The best pieces go to our best customers!
  • Careful expedited shipping the moment the item arrives.


Pre-Order Cancellation Policy:

You are free to cancel your pre-order at any time prior to shipment. Notify us that you'd like to cancel, there will be 5% cancellation fee if your pre-order is paid in full. We will issue a cancellation notice by email within 24-48 hours after receiving your cancellation request.