HEROCROSS Hybrid Metal Figuration 308 Disney Huey Dewey Louie Diecast Action Figure Boxset

  • $119.99

Herocross’s interpretation of Huey, Dewey & Louie perfectly captures their active and lively personality, with the sense of mischief fully preserved in the interchangeable faces, beaks and eyes. Furthermore, the inclusion of various accessories allows for the perfect replication of their activities in the comics. The Hybrid metal technology provides a robust structure for the products, facilitating for a wide variety of poses.

The HMF#308 boxset not only includes the 3 brothers and their respective accessories, but also contains exclusive accessories such as a Special Edition pair of hands for Donald Duck (HMF#006).

Includes HMF#053,054,055 & Special parts for HMF006 Donald Duck

Huey: 8x interchangeable hands, Dewey & Louie: 6x interchangeable hands.
-3 Interchangeable faces for each character

Other accessories:
-1x baseball bat, 1x baseball, 1x baseball glove
-1x football
-3x fishing rod, 3x large fish