Takara Tomy Disney 100th Anniversary Future Mickey Mouse by Hajime Sorayama

  • $999.99

  • A contrasting combination of shiny "silver" and "gold" inspired by Disney 100's platinum color. The pedestal has the “Disney 100” and “Mr. Sorayama Hajime” logos! A finish suitable for an anniversary 
  • More than 15 parts of the main body are movable, including the eyelids, mouth, neck, arms, torso, and fingers. Expressing Mickey Mouse with a rich expression. 
  • A gem collector's item that combines the solidity unique to die-casting with a total length of approximately 34cm. 
  • A wide range of accessories are also available. ``FUTURE MICKEY concept sketch art board (replica) signed by Hajime Sorayama'' is a concept sketch that can be said to be the origin of FUTURE MICKEY drawn by Mr. Sorayama, who himself professes to be an avid Disney fan, and has Mr. Sorayama's precious signature. In addition, we have reproduced it with printing that focuses on metallic expression and finished it as an art board. (A4 size) A sticker consisting of the Disney 100th anniversary commemorative logo, Mr. Sorayama's logo, and an illustration of the concept sketch. The sticker is a special specification with a metallic feel. (A6 size) The "Guarantee Card" is a card that proves that the "Disney 100 FUTURE MICKEY" designed by Mr. Sorayama to commemorate Disney's 100th anniversary was planned and produced by Takara Tomy. 
  • The package is a foil-stamped storage box. The Mibuta style, which can be divided into upper and lower parts, maximizes the enjoyment when opening.