ANOVOS Star Wars AT-AT Driver Standard Helmet Prop Replica

  • $539.99
  • Save $10

Utilizing the best features of the various helmets made for the Classic Star Wars trilogy, this offering consists of the following features:
  • ABS construction.
  • Bubble lenses.
  • Imperial Emblem "cog" decals on forehead.
  • Replicated metal details based from original pieces.
  • Gray color matched to original surviving artifact in Lucasfilm.
  • Magnetic points on back of helmet for hose canisters. (Hose canisters and hose are connected to chest box, which will be offered separately in the future.)
  • Adjustable helmet / suspension rig fitting a wide variety of head-sizes. One-size fits all!
  • Lined, breathable mesh inside of helmet for wearer's comfort.