Bandai Masked Rider Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Memorial Set Henshin Belt Typhoon Prop Replica

  • $499.99

The first Henshin Belt of the first Kamen Rider released in 1971 was a blockbuster and sold 3.8 million pieces at that time. This Henshin Belt will be reborn in 2021, which marks the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider. From the Henshin Belt brand "Complete Selection Modification" for adults, "CSM Henshin Belt Typhoon Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Special Set" is now available as the culmination of Bandai's 50-year history of Henshin Belt toys.

The HENSHIN sound of No. 1 Kamen Rider is activated by taking the transformation pose. The built-in full-color LED rotates and emits light, reproducing the production in the play with animation. Built-in "shutter gimmick" in the center of the main body. Start in "No. 2 mode" and activate the HENSHIN sound of No. 2 by pressing the button.
By operating the buttons after HENSHIN, you can play various types of special move sounds that appeared in the TV show.

Also, this Henshin Belt includes newly recorded lines by Hiroshi Fujioka, the actor of Takeshi Hongo, and Takeshi Sasaki, the actor of Hayato Ichimonji.

The belt is made of leather. The 16 decorations placed around the belt are made of metal and acrylic. Two types of shapes are included and can be replaced according to the play.

Product Features

  • 1/1 Scale replica
  • Made of leather, fabric, metal, and plastic
  • From the Kamen Rider tokusatsu
  • Features LED lights and sounds

Box Contents

  • Kamen Rider Typhoon Henshin Belt replica
  • Scarf
  • Kid Corps emblem
  • 16 Belt decorations
  • Base

Pre-Order, Release 2nd Quarter 2022