Bandai Kamen Rider Decade Complete Selection Modification Ride Booker

  • $130.00

The Ride Booker is here as a CSM! This item has been redesigned and comes with the Ride Booker body, Muzzle replacement parts and sword parts.

Use this product in three mode: Book Mode, Sword Mode, and Gun Mode. Book Mode can be attached to the separately sold "CSM Decadriver ver.2" with the main body folded, and 4 Rider Cards can be set on the active holder side and 6 Rider Cards can be set on the storage holder side. With the sound effect button newly installed on the main unit, it is possible to play unique sounds such as "card withdrawal sound", "card flipping sound", and "change sound from blank card".

In Gun Mode, you can reproduce the form close to the prop in the show by attaching the attached muzzle replacement parts and extension grip parts. You will hear a gunshot sound effect when you pull the trigger. Sword mode is completed by attaching sword parts to the main body instead of pulling out the tip of the sword. By attaching the attached extension grip parts, you can reproduce the form close to the prop with a total length of about 71 cm. When you pull the trigger, you will hear a slashing sound effect.

Decadriver not included

Product Features

  • 1/1 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • From the Kamen Rider Decade TV Series
  • Can be used in Book Mode, Sword Mode, and Gun Mode
  • Features authentic sounds from the show
  • Decadriver not included

Box Contents

  • Ride Booker
  • Muzzle replacement parts
  • Sword parts