Hasbro Marvel Legends Gear Captain America Shield 1:1 Scale Prop Replica

  • $109.99

Highly detailed and 1/1 full-scale premium role play items come to the Marvel Legends line!

Specifically modeled on the First Avenger’s trademark symbol, the Marvel Legends Captain America shield measures an impressive 24 inches in diameter and features two adjustable straps in order to be worn like Captain America. Immediately recognizable, with exceptional detailing and premium finish, the Marvel Legends Captain America shield is an impressive addition to any Marvel collection. 

Iconic in design and durability, Captain America’s shield is the ultimate combination of offense and defense. Whether ricocheting into combat or fending off enemy attacks, Captain America’s signature shield is essential to victory! 

Product Features

  • 24 inches (60.96cm) diameter
  • 1/1 scale
  • Based off the iconic First Avenger's trademark symbol
  • Adjustable straps allow it to be worn like Captain America
  • Exceptional detailing and premium finish

Box Contents

  • Marvel Legends Captain America 24" shield