Hasbro Transformers Power of the Primes Leader Rodimus Prime

  • $54.99

The Autobots and Decepticons use Prime Masters to wield the incredible powers of the most legendary bots in the universe: the Primes. Prime Masters carry the spark of a Prime, allowing them to share a Prime's godlike ability with other bots. Anything is possible and everything is at stake when the Power of the Primes is unleashed!

With the Matrix of Leadership, Autobot Hot Rod becomes leader of the Autobots: Rodimus Prime.

Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Leader Class figures are 9-inch-scale figures that come with a Matrix accessory and converting Evolution Armor. Use the Evolution Armor to evolve this figure from Autobot Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime.

Product Features

  • 9 inch (22.86cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Evolves from Autobot Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime
  • Works with Prime Master figures
  • Converts from robot to tractor-trailer in 28 steps


Box Contents

  • Rodimus Prime fgure
  • Blaster
  • Matrix of Leadership
  • Collector Card