Killerbody Marvel Doctor Strange 1:1 Eye of Agamotto Necklace Movie Prop Replica

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KIllerbody 1:1 Life Size Marvel Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Necklace

Dr. Strange, who is the superhero with the world's most powerful magic in Marvel world. Surgery expert Stephen Strange had a successful career, but after encounter into a car accident, his hands cannot hold the scalpel anymore and cannot continue his career as a doctor. In order to treat his injuries, he went to Nepel and get the help of the Supreme magician led by Modu Baron. Stephen put away his arrogant and start to contact and learn the little known metaphysics and the knowledge of multidimensional space world. In Greenwich Village in New York, Stephen turned into Dr. Strange and become the middleman between real world and the multidimensional space world, who use supernatural power and artifacts to protect the world.