Sen-Ti-Nel Sentinel Metamor-Force Dino Getter 1 Getter Robo Diecast Action Figure

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A new series from Sen-ti-nel makes its grand debut under the name Metamor-Force! Formed by the merger of the words "Metamorphose", "Metal" and "Force", its mission is to combine these elements in a single product line. Focusing on innovative designs which can be made die-cast and transformable, the first character to debut in this new line will be the Dino Getter 1. The Dino Getter 1 is a character born from the collaboration between the Dynamic Planning and Sen-ti-nel, as part of a project called 'Dino Getter'. This work began on the 40th anniversary of the original Getter Robo Saga. The Getter Dino manga will be released in April 2014 in Japan, from famed mangaka, Kazumi Hoshi, the same designer of the Mazinkaiser SKL Versus manga.

  • Interchangeable hand parts
  • Can transform between robot and dino mode
  • Uses mix of plastic and diecast construction