Sen-Ti-Nel Sentinel Metamor Force Dino Getter Robot 03 Diecast Action Figure

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Part of the Metamora-Force series which combines the concepts of Metamorphose x Metal x Force, Dino Getter 3 is a combination of the classic Getter 3 robot with a transformation gimmick.

Dino Getter 3, like the previously released Dino Getter 1 and Dino Getter 2, was created under the co-operation of Go Nagai and Sentinel. Dino Getter 3 can transform into a Plesiosaurus and features die cast components. Integrated gun weapons are included in tail and arms. 

Product Features

  • 5.1 inches (13cm)
  • Made of ABS, PA, POM, and diecast material
  • From the Getter Robo series
  • Part of the Metamor-Force series
  • Features die-cast and transformable parts
  • Can be changed into a Plesiosaurus

Box Contents

  • Dino Getter 3 figure