Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Wave 4 Collction Set of 7 Figures

  • $140.00

By the Power of Grayskull! Super7 is proud to present the MOTU Vintage Collection, the original Masters of the Universe action figures re-imagined to match the character designs from the animated cartoon!

Each 5.5" Vintage figure comes with accessories and 5 of them feature a spring-loaded mechanism: Turn the waist and the figure swings back with a punch! The packaging includes a custom character history card and has new and original art on the back of the card.

Product Features

  • 5.50 inches (14cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • 5 Feature a spring loaded mechanism
  • Turn the waist and figure swings back with a punch
  • He-Man glows in the dark
  • Orko magically moves on a flat surface
  • Packaging includes a custom character history
  • Original art on the back of each card

Box Contents

  • Buzz-Off figure
    • Wings
    • Alternate head
    • Axe
    • Staff
  • Evil Seed figure
    • Shield
    • Vine
  • Evil-Lyn figure
    • Staff
    • Crystal ball
    • Corodite crystal
    • Cape
  • He-Man figure
    • Power sword
    • Half sword
    • Shield
  • Shadow Orko figure
    • 2 Magic wands
    • Flower
    • Magical blast
  • Shadow Weaver figure
    • 2 Magic wands
  • Stratos figure
    • Mini Comic Staff
    • Emerald staff